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My Dear Little Maid

THERE is a sweet maiden asleep by the sea, Her lips are as red as a cherry ; The roses are resting upon her brown cheeks- Her cheeks that are brown as a berry. She's tired of building up castles of sand, Her hands they are gritty and grubby ; Her shoes, they are wet, and her legs, they are bare, Her legs that are sturdy and chubby. I'll wrap a shawl round you, my dear little maid, To . . Read More »

The White Rabbits

 ALL the white rabbits but two, my dears, All the white rabbits but two, Away they all sailed in a cockle-shell boat, Painted a beautiful blue. All the white rabbits so snowy and sleek, Away they went down to the shore ; Little they thought, so happy and meek, They'd never come up from it more. Oh, the white rabbits they wept and they sobbed, Till the boat it shook up in the . . Read More »

Morning Time

AWAKE, my pet ! What ! slumbering yet, When the day's so warm and bright ? The flowers that wept Before they slept O'er the darkness of yesternight, Have listened long To the lark's wild song, And awoke with the morning light. Again and again Through the window-pane The jasmine flowers kept peeping And in at the door, And along the floor, The sunny rays came creeping, So I opened . . Read More »

See Saw

 GET into the boat and away to the west, See-saw ! see-saw ! For they've cut down the tree with the poor linnet's nest, See- saw ! see-saw ! The bulrushes nod and the water-lilies sigh, See-saw ! see-saw ! And all of us know the sad reason why, See-saw ! see-saw ! For, oh ! the tree - the tree's cut down, And every one of its leaves are brown ; And in the field the children play, But . . Read More »

A First Love-Making

A LAND there is beyond the sea That I have never seen, But Johnny says he'll take me there, And I shall be a queen. He'll build for me a palace there, Its roof will be of thatch, And it will have a little porch And everything to match. And he'll give me a garden-green, And he'll give me a crownv Of flowers that love the wood and field And never grow in town. And we shall be so happy . . Read More »

My Little Brother

MY baby brother's fat, as fat As any boy can be, And he is just the sweetest duck That ever you did see. I count the dimples in his hands A dozen times a- day, And often wonder when he coos What he would like to say. I comb the down upon his head- He has'nt any hair,- It must be cold without, and yet He never seems to care. It is so nice to see him kick, He has such pretty . . Read More »

The Little Maid

A LITTLE maid went to market, She went into the town, And all the things she had to buy She carefully wrote down. The coffee, sugar, tea, and rice-- The currant cake for tea, And then she had to reckon up, And see how much they'd be. She sat her down as she came back, She sat her down to see What they had cost--the currant cake, The coffee, and the tea. She could not make her money . . Read More »

Tommy‘s Stockings

TWO little maids went out one day, And really it was shocking ! They met poor Tommy on the way, With holes in either stocking. They sat down on a low stone seat, And to and fro kept rocking, While they knitted, swift and neat, Each of them a stocking. And sweet they sang a little song, The dickie-birds kept mocking ; And Tommy wished that all day long They'd sit and knit a stocking.   . . Read More »

Coming Down the Street – Poem on Street for Kids

THE baby she has golden hair, Her cheeks are like a rose, And she sits fastened in her chair, A-counting of her toes. The mother she stands by the door, And all the place is neat, She says,"When it is half-past four, He'll come along the street." And O ! in all this happy world There's not a sight so sweet, As 'tis to see the master, dear, A-coming down the street. A-coming O . . Read More »

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