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Knowledge is power. Learning new things every day help us grow in many ways. Irrespective of the new aspects we learn, there is massive amount that remains to be learnt. You need to Know that.... 

Dogs Nose Prints
Just like humans fingerprints, Dogs nose prints are unique, and it can be used to identify the identity of dogs.

Apple Floats on Water
Have you ever put an apple into the water and noticed the apple float? Yes, apples float on water. It is because apples are made of 25 percent air!

The Number 4
The number four – is the only number that has the same number of alphabets/ letters.

The Eye Power
The human eye has the ability to identify and differentiate over 10 million colours.

Albert Einstein’s Eyes
Albert Einstein’s eyes are preserved in a safe in New York.

Names Empower Us!
Did you know our names empower us? Yes, our names carry a power and it will influence us and our behavior.

Goosy Security
The goosy security – Geese are used as security guards in a prison in Brazil! How cool is that?

Cosmos Atrosanguineus
Have you heard about a chocolate flower? A flower named Cosmos Atrosanguineus carry the aroma of a chocolate. Obviously, it appears in brown colour!

you cannot talk and inhale or vice versa. When you speak, you will not be able to inhale. Give it a try?


Nature’s Philosophers

Do you know who are called the ‘Nature’s Philosophers?’ 


The term SCIENTISTS was coined in the year 1833.

Blue Color 

Blue is a favourite colour of millions of men, yes it is surprising. The sky is blue, sea is blue and many love this colour. But did you know that there is no natural food available in this colour. This may be because; the blue colour in food is closely linked with poisonous food. When the food turns blue, it is believed that the food has turned poisonous.


Weight of the Brain 

Did you know the weight of the brain? It weighs lesser than 2 percent of the body weight. Surprisingly, it consumes 30 percent of oxygen we breathe and around 20 percent of blood supplied in our body. Lack of energy reduces your brain function as it reduces oxygen supply to brain. Deep breathing for a couple of minutes improves oxygen and blood supply to brain.


Did you know a solid can float in liquid!!

Yes, it is true! Ice floats in water. Example – Glaciers – ice floating on oceans or simply the ice cubes floating in a glass of water or juice!

A solid should only sink in liquid due to its huge density. Why solid ice float in water? Because, even though ice is solid, the density of ice is lesser than water. The solid form of water (Ice) is 9 to 10 percent lesser denser than its liquid form.


Heart Beat

Contraction and expansion of heart muscles is termed as HEART BEAT.

Heart beats around 72 times a minute averagely. In infants, it would double and in elderly, heart beats around 100 times a minute. Heartbeats are faster in women than men.

The heart beats from the moment you born until you die, without any rest. You would die if the heart takes rest even for a second!


Are you a lover of botanical science?

How many plant varieties you can name? 10? 100? 200? 500?

Around 85 percent plant kingdom is found in the ocean, among which 75 percent plants are unidentified!


Solar System

We knew that solar system has nine planets, but did you know a surprising fact about our planet – EARTH?

Our planet EARTH is the only planet that is not named after a GOD! Every other planet in the solar system represents a GOD.

Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus.

Left Handed

around 15 percentage of the world population are left handed. They are controlled by right side of the brain. Left-handers were cursed as SINISTER in the ancient period, associated with bad luck and were even considered unfavorable.


Rabbit and Parrot

Many of us know that the owl can rotate its head 270 degrees to see behind. There is another bird and animal that can see behind without moving the head? 


Longest Word in English

Do you know how many letters does the longest word in English contain? 15? 20? 50? 100? 500? 
It has 1909 letters and the word refers to a very special DNA type / part of DNA.


Chew, chew and chew your food!

You may not know how delicious your food is unless it is mixed with saliva! Salivary glands include the taste buds and help you identify the taste!
The more you chew it, the more you enjoy delicious foods!


Powerful Women Penguins and Pity Men Penguins

This is an interesting fact about penguins. These beautiful birds live in the polar region. Penguins are unique from other birds and mammals. Penguins breed in-group, and it is the male penguins’ that takes care of the eggs during the incubation.

Female penguins will go aboard to hunt for food in the sea. It will take days, and weeks and even months to return to their place. Until the women counterpart return with food, the loveable male partners preserve the eggs until they hatch. Most of the male penguins die soon after the return of female counterpart as they starve for months to incubate the baby.

In addition, every woman penguin will indentify her partner in the group of 1000 penguins without any difficulty.



Mia refers to a group of conditions characterized by sense of smelling.
Anosmia – Inability to smell anything – Nose block, chronic cold, etc. 
Hyposmia – reduced ability to smell / identify things rightly with their smell 
Dysosmia – Things carry different smells than the relevant smell 
Hyperosmia – Excessive sense of smelling – DOGS! 
Phantosmia – Hallucinated smelling – You detect smells that are not present.


Human DNA has a great resemblance with a fruit?

The human beings are all unique in this world in many aspects, which very lesser amount of resemblances. 
Do you know that the Human DNA has a great resemblance with a fruit?
Yes! It is a healthy fruit that provides instant energy. It is also a kid-friendly fruit! It is the BANANA.
The DNA of Banana is 50 percent similar to the DNA of a human being. Interesting isn’t it?


Human Brain

The Human Brain is a jelly like organ composed of 80 percent of water. The human brain is more powerful and active at night than day. It can hold as much as information that is equal to 5 Britannica Encyclopedia. An average individual uses no more than 5 percent of the human brain in the entire life. Similarly, the person who dreams a lot tends to have a higher IQ. The brain controls your vision. Yes, your eyes can always see your nose, however, your brains direct your vision to ignore it.


Unique Impressions

Everyone is unique and nobody resembles another person in the world. I am saying this in a different context! 
We all knew that our finger prints, especially the thumbprints are unique and nobody shares a similar print.
Just like fingerprints, we do have unique impressions in our body, which remains UNIQUE.

What are others? 
Tongue prints – Tongue which has taste buds has unique prints and patterns
Toe Prints - Similar to finger prints, toes are different too!
Eyes – The invisible prints and patterns in the eyes varies with everyone.



A hug releases the hormone called Oxytocin, which makes you feel relaxed, heal the physical and mental wounds, and soothes your body and mind. It is an easy and simple way to pacify your kid.
Give a warm hug to your near and dear ones to stay happy and healthy.


Amazing fact about Zebra stripes!

Zebra is a wild animal, a carnivore, but belongs to the horse family, that is an herbivorous animal and eats grass! We all knew that zebra is distinguished for its beautiful black and white stripes in their body. Here is an unknown and amazing fact about Zebra stripes!
Zebra stripe patterns are unique and just like fingerprints; no zebra carries similar stripes with other. Every zebra has its own unique pattern of stripes although it resembles one another. There are zebras with brown and white stripes instead of black stripes.


Chewing gum is good for health!

Chewing gum at regular intervals improves oral health and hygiene. It stimulates the saliva secretion and flow in mouth, reduces plaque, removes off debris, enhances the strength of teeth and prevents cavities.
Remember to chew sugar free gums!
Next time if you see your child chewing gum, do not panic.


Giraffe's tongue

With its 21-inch tongue, a giraffe can clean its own ears.


Alexander Graham Bell

Did you know; the inventor of telephone, Alexander Graham Bell never made a call to his wife or mother. Why? They both were deaf!


Fake Flamingos

Did you know; the number of fake flamingos in the world is almost double of real flamingos.



Did you know that Banana is actually a berry, but Strawberry is not!



Did you know how penguins propose? Penguins give a pebble as a token of expressing their love!


Body Parts

Did you know; most parts of our body will be gradually replaced in 7 years. We are not what we were before 7 years.


Charlie Chaplin

Did you know amazing information about Charlie Chaplin? He came in the third place in a competition “Charlie Chaplin Look-Alike.”


Bacterium in our Body

Did you know, we have a pool of bacterium stored in our body? Every adult human being contains around 10 pounds of bacteria in the body!



Did you know many people die because of deodorant! Yes, more than 1000 people die just because of the allergic reaction caused due to deodorants. Be wary!


Ants Never Sleep!

Did you know, the ants never sleep! There are more than 1 million ants in the world for every human being! Just imagine, how many ants survive in the world!



Did you know butterflies have two eyes, which contain thousand lenses! Surprisingly, they can see only red, yellow and green colours!

Elephants Can’t Jump!

Have you ever seen an elephant jump? Elephants cannot jump! In addition, it is the only mammal that cannot jump!


Folding a Paper

Did you know, you cannot fold a paper (it may be any size, any length or width) more than seven times. Try it!



Don’t you love to drink fresh water? Glaciers store about 75 percent of fresh water in the world.



Did you know often thirst is mistaken as hunger and many of us tend to eat something, which makes people fat!


Most Traded Product

Did you know, petrol is the most traded product in the world, which is closely followed by COFFEE!


Digital World

We live in a digital world with computers and smart phones. Reading habits shifted from newspapers and magazines to computer. 

Did you know that the speed of reading is 25% slower than a book? Yes, you cannot read faster when compared to reading from the paper.


Hot or Cold Food

A few of you may like to eat food hot and a few may like to eat it cold. Did you know, if you eat hot or cold food, the food is either cooled or warmed in the mouth before it is moved to the digestive tract?


Planet Mars

Did you know why the Planet Mars appear red? The planet is covered with rust.


Never Grows

There is a vital organ in the body that never grows from birth until death! It remains the same size. Guess, it is the eyes!
Alternatively, hair and nails grow even after death.



Did you know the size of the SUN? It can literally hold around 1.3 million earths.



One acre of hemp provides more quantity of papers than one acre of trees. 


Number 13

Mayans have worshiped the number 13, which is considered a ghostly and unlucky number, as a lucky number! Interesting, so what about 7 and 11.



Did you know, the butterfly was originally called as FLUTTERBY!


Chameleon Tongue

Did you know the animal whose length of the tongue is double the length of its body? The CHAMELEON


Favorite Song

Did you know; if you have a favorite song, the song is your favorite because it is linked with an emotionally pleasant event in your life.


Plastic Waste

More than 90 percent of waste materials in the ocean are PLASTIC. 
Reduce usage of plastic to save environment.

Letter - i

Did you know what the (dot) is placed in the top of the letter (i) (letter I in small letters)? 
It is called tittle!


Camel and Rat

We all know that the camels are called SHIPS OF THE DESERT, as it can survive for days without water. Did you know that rats are more powerful than camels and can survive without water longer than a camel.


Sharing Your Goals

Did you know, if you share your goals with others, there are 50 percent chances that you may not achieve it. Sharing the goals and objectives reduces the motivation, says the studies about motivation.



Did you know what the Hyena cry is called? 


Blue Whales

Did you know; elephants are the largest land animals, but are 30 times smaller than a blue whale!



Did you know that the beautiful little baby dolphins are accompanied by their respective mothers for a period of 3 years from birth.


Pink Color Lake

Did you know; there is a lake that is beautiful bright pink in Australia. Yes, a lake in pink color and it is called Lake Hillier. Unfortunately, until now scientists cannot figure out the reason why it is pink in colour.



A phobia, what we called as fear of something has been passed down through our DNA through memories! If you are afraid of something, probably you carry the genetic fear effect in your DNA.



We all knew how beautifully Kangaroos hop! Did you know Kangaroos balance? Not with legs, but with tails. If you hold their tails, they cannot jump!



Did you know; ostriches are faster than horses. If you organize a running competition, horses may never win!


Rhymes Words

Did you know; you will not find any rhyme words in English for the words Orange, Month, Purple, and Silver.


Adult Frogs

Did you know; adult frogs fall into the category of carnivorous animals. They eat anything and everything that is smaller than them, including other frogs.


Salt and Ants

Did you know, salt is an anti-ant element! Yes, without the need of using the chemicals, you can sprinkle the salt on the doorways, sills of windows and any other places where the ant sneaks!


Eating with Forks

In ancient days, eating with forks was considered immoral and shameful.


God Bless You

‘God Bless You’ was a legal saying, like ‘Your Honour / My Lord!’



Did you know; Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump!



Is there any kid who does not love to eat chocolates? Obviously very few! However, you cannot feed the chocolates to dogs. Chocolates affect the functions of nervous system and heart in dogs, and may lead to death.


Fast Food Colours

Red, Yellow and Orange colours stimulate hunger. And this is the reason most of the fast food restaurants feature these colours.



Did you know, France, the beautiful country is the most depressed country of the world! One fifth of the population is suffering from moderate to severe depression!


Most Lived People

The top 10 people who lived the most years are women!


Hearing Music

Did you know; hearing favourite music not only releases the happy hormones called dopamine, but also aids in boosting overall health and immunity.

Soul Weight

Did you know; according to studies, our soul weighs 21 grams. This is a proven fact, and the weight of the soul (i.e. life) is determined by weighing a man just before a few minutes of his death and immediately after his death!

Okinawa Island

Did you know; that an Island in the world has more than 500 people who have crossed 100 years of age and are living healthily and happily! It is in Japan, and it is called Okinawa Island!


Inventor of Spectacles

Did you know, the inventor of spectacles is not known!


Sound Speed

Did you know; sounds travel three times quickly in water than in surface?




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