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Art and Craft

Dough Art Projects

Dough Art Preparation Steps                Salt dough is quite easy to make and can be modeled into any shape. You can then bake them in the oven to harden and paint them in bright colors. Let’s show you how to make some jazzy napkin rings, some funky fish key rings, and cute fridge magnets all out of some simple salt dough! What you . . Read More »

Finger Puppets Projects

 Finger Puppets Preparation Steps                                     You’ve always watched puppets on television. Now, here’s your chance to create them! And you know what? Its simple as 1, 2, 3! -  What you will need: 1 Brightly colored felt, fabric, . . Read More »

Little Windmills Project

Little Windmills Preparation Steps                               Did you know that big windmills catch the wind in their sails to help produce energy strong enough to grind corn into flour, pump water, or even produce electricity? Let’s show you how to make a tiny one just for fun! What you will need: 1 . . Read More »

Fashion Eyeshade

Fashion Eyeshade Preparation Steps  Supplies Needed 1 Pink paper, rectangular, 45 cm in length and 10 cm in width 2 Colored sequins 3 Colored glitter 4 Tube of glue 5 One scissors 6 One pencil Draw the outline of the designer eyeshade on the pink paper as shown. Cut it out using a sharp scissors. Now spread some glue all over the eyeshade. Sprinkle some glitter on the . . Read More »

Art and Craft

Fun Crafts for Kids There is no limitation to unleash the creativity when it comes to fun crafts for kids. Stimulating the imagination will bring fresh and innovative ideas to develop fun crafts for kids. Here you have three interesting and entertaining crafts for kids. Crafts for kids are beautiful, cool and colour and of course filled with loads of fun. We bring you three unique and engaging . . Read More »

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