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The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling is a popular short story for kids by Hans Christian Andersen. The story begins with a mother duck hatching eggs on a beautiful sunny day. The eggs break open and little ducklings step out into the wide world. One of the little ducklings looks very different and literally ugly. It is grey in color and is bigger and stronger than the others. The ugly duckling is teased by everyone . . Read More »

Jack And The Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk is a famous short story for kids. It is a folk tale and modified slightly from the longer original version. Jack lives with his mom. They are very poor. Their only means of income is the milk from their cow. One day, the cow stops yielding milk and they decide to sell it. Jack takes the cow to the market, where he meets a magic man! The magic man offers him a few beans in exchange . . Read More »

Ali And The Magic Carpet

Ali is a little boy. This animated short story is all about Ali’s adventurous travel on a magic carpet. Ali learns and understands about various climates, seasonal changes, and animals as he flies on the magic carpet. Here is the brief substance of Ali’s journey. Ali finds a magic carpet at his uncle’s shop. He sits on the carpet and the carpet gives him a warm welcome. The carpet . . Read More »

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