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Valley Wide English Handwriting Competition : Name List of Finalist

The result of Valley Wide Inter School English Handwriting Competition organized in different areas of valley is mentioned below. Congratulations to all the selected participants for the grand finale and those schools who are not selected for grand finale will be chosen through wild card entry soon.

Valley Wide English Writing Competition Grand Finale Scheduled for 16th Mangsir

The Grand Finale of Valley Wide Inter School English Handwriting Cometition is scheduled for 16th Mangsir 2074. 

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10 Quick Scientific Facts that Will Blow Your mind

With this in mind, here are just ten amazing things that I’ve come to learn thanks to the progress of science. It’s this sort of knowledge that’s inspired me to learn . .

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It was a cold and silent night. The weather was freezing. A group of monkeys were on a tree. They were clinging to its branches. One of the monkeys said, “I wish we could find . .

Interview with Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal, born: June 9, 1964) is a Nepali actor. He has received many awards for his acting including the National Film Awards from 1988–2014. He is often called the . .

Interview with Mr. Shisir Khanal, CEO, Teach For Nepal

CEO Teach for Nepal Prior to becoming the Co-Founder and CEO of Teach for Nepal, Shisir Khanal worked as the Executive Director of Sarvodaya USA, a Madison, Wisconsin-based . .


Recommended Hours of Sleep for Children

Every child is slightly different in the amount of sleep he or she needs. However, the following is a guide that will help you to decide how much sleep you and your children need, to . .

Etiquette And Manners For Children

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Bending Water with Static

Bending Water with Static Here’s an easy and fun science experiment that’s great for helping kids learn about static electricity. Try bending water with static electricity . .

Steel Wool & Vinegar Reaction

Steel Wool & Vinegar Reaction Soak steel wool in vinegar and watch what happens as the iron in the steel begins to react with the oxygen around it. This fun science experiment . .

Handwriting and Creative Writing Competition starts from 14th Shrawan is going to organize “Valley-wide Inter-school English Handwriting & Creative Writing Competition 2074 from 14th of Shrawan in the participation of near . .

Nepali Students Learn About the U.S. Role in Nepal

As a part of the Public Affairs Section's ongoing Embassy speaker program, the Political/Economic Section Chief, William S. Martin, addressed 30 Master's level and PhD students and . .



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